Apartments for vacations in Valencia

Apartments for vacations in Valencia

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Are you thinking of a vacation in the Mediterranean area of Spain? In HQ Rooms we have a high quality service of vacation apartments in Valencia. All our accommodations are located in the heart of the city center, and just minutes from the main train stations, so you can access walking without any inconvenience.

We have apartments with 2 rooms, 3 rooms or 4 rooms. All our accommodations are very spacious and fully equipped, so they are ideal for a variety of trips, from a romantic getaway to a group trip.

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Vacation Apartments in the center of Valencia

One of the main concerns when booking a holiday stay in Valencia is the proximity / proximity. In the case of HQ Rooms, our rooms are located in the heart of the city center, and just a few minutes from the main train stations.


Thanks to its location, you can enjoy a wide range of restaurants in the center, and a multitude of plans, either as a couple or family plans.


 Complete equipment in detail

HQ Rooms vacation rentals are characterized by being fully equipped: They have large HD TV with internet access, free WI-FI. They also have a kitchen equipped with appliances (hob, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave, Nespresso coffee machine) and all the necessary utensils. 


In case you come with your own vehicle, all rooms have a lower parking, so you will not have to leave your car on the street or worry about where to park.


 Possibility of Terrace 

Do you want to enjoy the good weather during your vacations? Our apartments with terrace in Valencia are a perfect option to enjoy incredible views in company. You can select the option you like the most.


 Enjoy the city of Valencia on Vacation

Once you have chosen your accommodation, you just have to enjoy what is considered the best city in the world. A booming destination that more and more occasional travelers or even digital nomads choose. The good weather, the coast or the facilities in terms of public transport make Valencia an accessible reference place for the whole family.