Where can you eat a good paella in Valencia? Make the most of "World Paella Day"

paella in valencia

Make the most of your holidays in Valencia and taste the typical dish in Valencia. Discover our recommendations and taste a delicious Valencian paella!

If you visit Valencia and still don't know where to eat paella, at HQ Rooms we have something to tell you. The city is a national gastronomic symbol and, without a doubt, rice is its most recognized dish.

From the popular restaurant El Coso del Mar to the World Paella Day... On this occasion, we tell you the best secrets to taste a good paella.

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Do you want to have a good paella in Valencia? Mark September 20th in your diary

Tributes are a demonstration of reverence for a person or concept, a symbol of respect for someone or something. And, of course, paella deserved its day. On September 20th, the importance of this traditional dish is recognised with the World Paella Day. This universal recognition has become a brand of Valencia. If you're in town that Friday, don't miss it.

The notoriety of paella as a typical Valencian dish is getting known by more and more people thanks to this event that brings visitors and locals together in order to taste good food. We Valencians show the world how PAELLA has crossed borders and now the world gives the gift back, showing us how gratifying it is to share the culinary tradition.

World Paella Day: enjoy the celebration

The Mediterranean Sea and the warm September sun welcome, once again, a multitudinous event that unites proud Valencian men and women with both national and foreign visitors.

"We share paella with the world" is the slogan that the organizers have chosen to showcase this meeting. A message that sums up what will happen in the World Paella Day. Keep reading and we will reveal everything you need to know about this day to enjoy it to the fullest.

Time and place? The show will start at 11.30 a.m. and it will last for hours. As it could not be otherwise, the World Paella Day will take place in the Plaza of the City Hall. An emblematic place located in the district known as Ciutat Vella, with about 6,000 square meters.

Everything that waits for you on World Paella Day 2023

Music, visuals and lots of paella. It is a multidisciplinary meeting where cuisine and passion for this traditional dish brings the beginning of the warm autumn of Valencia. There are many exhibitions and surprises that will take place on September 20th:

1.      Cooking shows: Ten of the best paella restaurants in the city will delight attendees with this concept of culinary exhibition. You don't always get a chance to see how the best rice chefs in the province work their magic. Stoves, broths and secret ingredients will be revealed to guests from 11.30 a.m., and the city will smell of Mediterranean cuisine!

2.      Everyone at the table at 1.30 pm: After the opening live show, you will be able to taste what was cooked by the chefs during the shows. The gift? You will have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of paellas and types of Valencian rice.

This free event is ideal to enjoy with your family or those who travel with you. You will get to know the gastronomic style of Valencia in a dynamic and open-air atmosphere. There will also be live music, giant screens with projections and people eager to have a good time.

El Coso de Mar Restaurant: taste a good paella

If being around masses is not your thing and you prefer to enjoy the best paella in Valencia with a more intimate atmosphere, we encourage you to visit this sophisticated restaurant which combines avant-garde and tradition. Besides, its complete menu will let you taste other typical Valencian dishes such as caldereta, fideuá and fish dishes, such as hake.

It is located in the Passeig de Neptú: from its terrace you will be able to enjoy the blue horizon of the Mediterranean. You can also have lunch or dinner inside the restaurant. Its warm and pampered decoration will make you comfortable and you will enjoy its cuisine in a friendly and familiar environment.

What ingredients should a good Valencian Paella have?

Rice (preferably short-grain rice)

Olive oil

Rabbit (can be replaced by chicken in some variants)

Green bean (fine bean)

Garrofón (large bean)

Ripe tomato

Red bell pepper

Green bell pepper

Saffron or food coloring to give it the characteristic yellow color.

Poultry or fish broth (depending on whether it is a meat or seafood paella)


We hope we have showed you how and where to eat paella in Valencia. From your apartment in HQ Rooms you can walk the Town Hall Square in less than ten minutes. Would you like to pay us a visit? We are waiting for you!