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15k Valencia Apartments

One of the most anticipated sporting events of the year is back. The 15K Nocturna de Valencia is an essential event for all running lovers, as it allows to run and discover the most emblematic passages of the city under a new prism and in a healthy way. The event is open to all types of participants, from expert runners to more casual athletes, and it is worth noting that in recent years the female presence has increased exponentially to almost 50% of the total participation.

In 2023 will be the tenth anniversary of the event, for which the organization has set a very ambitious challenge: to have 10,000 participants of all levels to get to know the best monuments of Valencia while doing a healthy physical activity. Despite the ambitious challenge, it is expected that the estimated figures can be more than met, since with several months to go before the event, half of the available capacity has already been exceeded. All this will take place on September 30, 2023.

How to register for the Valencia 15k Nocturna?

Registration for the Valencia 15k Nocturna is really simple. You have to access the event's website and take into account a couple of considerations: Runners with a federative license can access a modality of entries with preferential registration, while athletes without a license will be able to access the normal registration modality. To access it is necessary to provide an email ID. The price of the entries will vary according to availability and as the date of the event approaches.

La carrera podrá seguirse en vivo a través de la web oficial y de forma totalmente gratuita. Para este año, la media maratón incorporará el nombre de FibraValencia como colaborador oficial del evento.

Accommodation for the 15K Nocturna de Valencia 2023

The 2023 edition is expected to reach 10,000 participants, with a high percentage coming from outside the city. That is why it is necessary to have accommodation for the 15K Nocturna de Valencia. In HQ Rooms we have fully equipped apartments in Valencia. Our excellent location in the heart of the city will make you find yourself close to the race on September 30, and you can also sightsee comfortably before and after the race.

In addition, our rooms are very spacious, so they are a great option to consider if you are looking for an apartment for groups. You can check all our promotions and reservations. Remember that availability is limited, so we recommend that you hurry if you plan to attend the night half marathon.

Do you have any questions about how to manage your accommodation? You can contact us to help you in the process and enjoy a stay as comfortable as possible. Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with HQ Rooms.


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