Fallas in Valencia 2024: Everything You Need to Know

fallas in valencia

Fallas is the greatest festival in Valencia. Year after year, it is the most eagerly-awaited social, historical and cultural spectacle for all Valencians. The Mascletà, the Nit del Foc and the exhibition of ninots erected by Fallas artists, are just some of the icons of this festival. From HQ Rooms apartments, we do not want you to miss anything so we will bring you up to date with the imminent celebrations of  Fallas in Valencia, 2024.

Whether you have visited our city before and are looking to experience Valencia in a different way, or if you are a first-timer, the Fallas period is a perfect opportunity to experience one of the most popular festivals in our country up close. Visitors from all over Spain and the world come to the city of Valencia in search of the aroma of firecrackers and smoke. Locals and visitors mingle, forming a tide of people with a common goal: to enjoy the festive atmosphere, the sumptuous cuisine, and the great range of entertainment offered in the Valencian capital. 

When is Fallas Celebrated in 2024? 

If you don’t want to miss anything, it is important to know exactly what happens in Valencia during Fallas. This is one of the most important traditions in Valencia. Furthermore, knowing how and when will help you to better plan your visit to Valencia. 

Do you want to know when the Fallas are in Valencia? These festivities are held every year, March 15-19, beginning on Father’s Day (Spain) and culminating with the Cremà – the great bonfire of ninots. In fact, many people use this festive event as an excuse to organize a family trip to our beloved city on the Mediterranean coast.

Below, we summarize the Fallas program of Valencia for 2024. Read on and discover what Fallas in Valencia is all about and create your own Fallas itinerary. 

What is the Fallas Festival of Valencia? 

Without a doubt, this is one of the national festivities in which creativity and colour are most important. It could be defined as a celebration in which hustle and bustle, street-life and fire are the main characters. Do you want to know more about this celebration in Valencia? Read on.

The first protagonists of this festival were the carpenters of Valencia. The origin of Fallas can be traced to the carpenters’ tradition of burning the pieces of wood that they used to support the candles that illuminated them during the dark winter months. They did this in public squares or in the streets closest to their workshops, on the Eve of St Joseph, patron saint of carpenters.

This curiosity about the origins of this Valencian festival makes it even more mystical and captivating, don't you think?

Highlights of the 2024 Fallas program 

There are many events that take place during Fallas. It is very difficult to choose one event over another, so we have made a selection for all those who come to spend a few days in Valencia and want to make the most of the visit.

March 1-19: La Mascletà

Every day at 2PM, the rhythmic roar of a chain of firecrackers envelops the city. It's a sound show you can't miss. This event is a must-see for those who have never experienced Fallas.

March 15: La Plantà

It's the day the streets are dressed in Fallas. These monuments, also known as ninots, are raised by falleros – people dedicated to the celebration of this festival. Walking around Valencia observing the ninots is an incredible spectacle.

March 17-18: La Ofrenda de Flores 

Many Valencians go on pilgrimage together, with bouquets of flowers, from the Falla in their area to the city's Plaza de la Virgen. The streets are filled with flowers and passers-by enjoy the spectacle.

March 19: La Cremà

As nigth falls, the anticipation rises for the climatic celebration of La Cremà. Fire iluminates the city as all of the countless ninots around the city are set alight. To finish off the spectacle and the entire festival, the sky is transformed by a mind blowing fireworks display. Truly amazing!


Book Your Apartment in HQ Rooms for Fallas 2024

Restaurants, bars, terraces, music in the streets... During Fallas, the city of Valencia sways with festive rhythm, both day and night. In HQ Rooms we love this period that welcomes the imminent spring and we prepare our accommodations accordingly.

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