What to Do for Halloween with Children in Valencia? The Best Ideas for You and Your Kids

halloween with children in valencia

Ready for the most terrifyingly fun Halloween ever? We propose 5 ways for you to enjoy the holiday with your youngsters. Come to Valencia with HQ Rooms!

Mysteries, dark costumes, fangs, scary masks, jack-o-lanterns... If you have children, you will be sure to join any party which makes them happy and beam with joy. HQ Rooms presents a great variety of perfect plans to take advantage of this spooky celebration in Valencia.

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Discover what to do for Halloween with children in Valencia, but don’t turn off the light!

Halloween Activities 2023 with Children in Valencia 

Your little ones will never forget All Hallows Eve in our city. We invite you to become horror characters for a day and enjoy Valencian nightlife as a family. Choose the perfect Halloween plan which suits your family then go out to hunt ghosts together.In Spain, this day is also known as all saints day. Keep reading and discover the activities that we suggest will keep you from trembling with dread this Halloween.

A Night at the Oceanogràfic: Sleep with Sharks Halloween Special 

As far as unforgettable evenings go, it’s hard to beat the whole family being curled up in sleeping bags beneath swimming sharks. This unique experience will allow you to bond as a family and dream together of a world where nature is respected. The kids will marvel at one of the most feared marine animals, realizing how wonderful life is beneath the sea.

Sleeping bags, the sky overhead which is really a sea, and an intimacy with nature which only such an experience can provide. A night of fear that will end up becoming a unique adventure that you will always remember. Have not doubnt, it will also be an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

Enigmatium Valencia: A Different Halloween Family Experience 

The night will begin with secrets if you opt for this Halloween option for children in Valencia. The plan: dinner with games in a secret restaurant the location of which Enigmatium will send you the night before the event. In a nutshell, a series of puzzles will indicate how to make your way to the event.

All very mysterious, right? Once you discover the restaurant, you will enjoy a spooky participatory dinner in which you can interact with dark characters. You will also have the possibility of dancing and deciphering riddles with the rest of the guests. You will love it! You will remain active and entertained at all times and you can relax by not having to worry about the kids, everything occurs within the restaurant.

Halloween Fun at Fun Jump 

Terrorific bouncing! Without a doubt, this plan will leave your children speechless. More than 2500 square meters of trampolines where you can bounce, dressed in Halloween costumes? Imagine the kids’ faces! If your kids love physical activity and have energy to burn, this activity will fascinate them!

Fun Jump is a gigantic trampoline park that celebrates Halloween night in a very special way. Also, if you are in costume, you can enjoy the experience at half price - ready to do stunts and acrobatics as a family?

Free Horror Tour in Valencia 

Are you ready to turn the city of Valencia upside down on Halloween? During this activity you’ll get to know another side of the city, being able to discover its mysteries thanks to a terrifying guided tour. This is one of the most anticipated Autumn events for urban adventure lovers. A true display of fun and originality!

In the Free Halloween Tour of Valencia the best kept secrets and the darkest legends of the city will be revealed. Awaiting you are unique routes, designed to make your hair stand on end and push your adrenaline to the limit.

Beware! We only recommend this chilling activity if you visit Valencia with children over 12 years.

Halloween Parties for Children in Shopping Centres like Bonaire or Nuevo Centro 

Do you prefer to spend quiet afternoons in a family atmosphere with leisure and catering services nearby? Valencia shopping centres, Bonaire and Nuevo Centro, have prepared Halloween days especially aimed at children. Games, ghoulish decorations and a variety of activities located in an environment where your youngsters will be safe and secure.

And what’s more, top off your afternoon of exploring and shopping with dinner at one of the restaurants and a movie at the cinema, because...why not?

If you decide to stay at HQ Rooms high-quality apartments, don't forget to pack your most terrifying costumes and adornments. Now you know what to do for Halloween with children in Valencia. Trick or Treat?

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