CEVISAMA 2024: Discover the World's Leading Tile Makers

cecisama 2024

CEVISAMA 2024 comes loaded with many new features that you will have to experience first hand: conferences, exhibitions and unique shows. Are you going to join us?

Valencia is one of the most charismatic cities in the Mediterranean and, every year hosts many different types of business conferences. If you are interested in finding out what's new at Cevisama 2020 and you are scheduled to attend this event in question, stay with us and keep reading because from HQ Rooms apartments we don't want you to miss out on any details.

Known as one of the most conmprehensive fairs in the ceramic sector, every year Cevisama brings together experts, distributors, exhibitors and retailers working in the ceramics industry. It is an international reference showcase for ceramic tiles, bathroom equipment, natural stone, ceramic glazes, ceramic colours, roof tiles, bricks, materials, tools, and ceramic machinery.

This annual event has been running for 38 years and brings together 800+ exhibitors, 90,000+ national and international visitors from 140+ countries in a vast space over 100,000 m2.

All About CEVISAMA 2024

If you are going to attend this event and have made an appointment with other professionals at the Valencia Trade Fair, it is important that you are clear about all the information related to aspects such as timetables, duration and location.

Knowing how to get to Cevisama will save you time. If your idea is to travel by public transport from your high quality apartment to the Feria de Valencia, we recommend that you do so by Metro. Very close to HQ Rooms apartments, less than half a kilometre away, you will find the Joaquín Sorolla/Jesús Metro Station. You should take Line 2, Torrente-Llíria, and get off at the Carolines/Fira Station, located 600m and a short walk from the fair.

If driving, do not forget that if you stay in our apartments you will have at your disposal our private parking. We suggest here that, if you plan to book your stay with us, you do so through our website. We offer interesting discounts so that our guests can fully enjoy this supervised parking service.

On this occasion, Cevisama 2024 will start on February 3rd and will close its doors on February 7th. The opening hours of the Fair are from 9 am to 7 pm, with the exception of 7 February when Cevisama will close its doors at 5 pm.

For five days, our city will be covered in ceramics and many visitors will be setting foot in Valencia for the first time. We will be delighted to welcome you. 

What is CEVISAMA? 

Cevisama is a reference event in the world of tiles. It is a show where the best professionals in the ceramic sector meet to present their creations. News, ideas, new textures and materials from all over the world are showcased in bathrooms, kitchens and other settings that facilitate the exhibition.

In addition, during the Cevisama Fair you will be able to enjoy conferences, exhibitions and unique shows. The organization of this professional event works every year to ensure that attendees have a rewarding weekend.

Attending this fair can help you understand the new trends that will shape the structures of buildings and interior spaces around the world. Whether you are a distributor or a decorator, visiting this great exhibition will show you some brushstrokes of your near future as a professional.

News and Exhibitions Waiting for you at CEVISAMA 2024 

What's in store for you at Cevisama 2024? Endless opportunities to get to know your sector. Among these activities:

    - Interior design competition.

    - Ceramic design competition.

    - Alfa Oro Awards Ceremony.

    - Architecture and design forum.

Additionally, It is worth mentioning the Exhibition of Architecture and Interior Design in Ceramics. This will be held in parallel with Cevisama and is a perfect opportunity to be dazzled by proposals that combine top-level technology, uses of ceramics and design.

The number of activities that will take place during this long-awaited Ceramics Fair is one of the main attractions for its visitors. Prepare your calendar and set yourself goals before attending. Sound planning will allow you to enjoy all the professional potential of this event.

In addition, we are honoured to have on the list of exhibitors for 2020 several tile companies from Valencia such as: Amadis Fine Tiles, Anticfang, Banydea Style, Araih Imports and Cerazul, among others. 

Stay in an apartament: The Option Most Chosen by the Participants of CEVISAMA

More and more professionals are choosing an apartment when they travel on business. Without a doubt, it is the best way to feel at home even when staying in a foreign city.

If you always stay in hotels, we invite you to try the experience of living for a few days in a dream apartment. Even if you have the comforts of a hotel, the atmosphere of staying in an apartment is reminiscent of home - one of the aspects that our customers value most.

In the apartments of HQ Rooms we guarantee equipment and services of exquisite quality. All the accommodations have WIFI, kitchen, air-conditioning and heating. The kitchen and bathrooms are also fully equipped.

The hustle and bustle of attending an event such as Cevisama 2020 involves a physical and mental strain that is mitigated by quality accommodation that guarantees privacy. Welcome.

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