The best areas of Valencia to stay on vacation

best areas of valencia

The aroma of orange blossom that fills its streets, its kilometer-long walk along the old bed of the Turia river that invites you to walk or have picnics under its trees, the cathedral square where you can have a good glass of horchata while contemplating the beauty of this city... There is no doubt, we are talking about Valencia. 

The city of light becomes a destination where you can find a unique gastronomy known worldwide and avant-garde architecture embodied in monuments such as the iconic City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava.

A city in which to spend short stays like a weekend, or even longer stays, which allow you to live the true Valencian experience. If you are looking to spend a few days in Valencia, you will surely wonder which are the best areas to stay during your vacation so that you can fully enjoy the city of fire and joy. At HQ Rooms we have made a list of the three best neighborhoods in Valencia to stay in. We warn you, you will not want to leave Valencia!

The 3 best neighborhoods in Valencia to stay in

Valencia is a quiet city with a great quality of life, even so, it is made up of 88 neighborhoods and 19 districts, so if it’s the first time you are visiting the city, it might be difficult to choose the neighborhood in which to stay. 

We have made a selection of the three best areas of Valencia where you can locate yourself to discover the whole city in a simple way whether you go alone, with friends or with your whole family. 


Ruzafa has become the fashionable neighborhood of Valencia, those who visit it compare it with the famous Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña. 

An alternative district with an urban and cosmopolitan feeling that has buildings with a unique architecture that will make you look up more than once. In addition, its streets are unique due to the wide range of restaurants they offer. A place to spend hours having a few drinks or visiting its shops. 

Besides, it is located near the center of the city, making it one of the most sought-after districts due to its location and leisure and restaurant offer. 


Arrancapins is part of the Extramurs district of the city of Valencia, and even being located in the west of the city, it is a central area. Just 15 minutes walking from the city center, this neighborhood is considered one of the best areas to live in Valencia, so it is also one of the best areas to stay during your holidays. Its demand arises from the proximity to the main train station of the city, the ‘Estación del Norte’, which makes it a key point for tourism. 

Like Ruzafa, Arrancapins is home to stately buildings whose façades enhance the splendor of the neighbourhood. A lively and historical district, in which you will always find people walking through its streets or having lunch in the most legendary bars in the city.

In addition, in this neighborhood you will find the old Mercado de Abastos, a building that has been restored and turned into a sports complex, but even so, we recommend you walk through this emblematic building of Valencia and enjoy the small shops in its surroundings, some quite peculiar and that will undoubtedly attract your attention. 

The Arrancapins neighborhood is one of the most authentics of Valencia, since it is connected to all areas of the city, although it particularly draws attention for being an area that is just one step away from the city center and still not suffers the overcrowding of other neighborhoods. 

Central, well-connected, historic and most importantly, welcoming: the ideal place to find your apartment in Valencia and live even for a few days in a neighborhood that has always been purely valencian. No doubts, the perfect place if you come to visit the city for the first, second or even the twentieth time.

Ciutat Vella 

Ciutat Vella or Ciudad Vieja is one of the most touristic areas of Valencia, this district houses the central part of the city. One of the best areas to stay in, since you will find great tourist spots such as the Torres de Serrano, the Torres de Quart or the Lonja de la Seda.

No doubts, it is one of the neighborhoods with the most historical heritage in the city. Some people call it a romantic neighborhood to walk through. But you can also relax sitting in the well-known Plaza de la Virgen while you watch its mythical central fountain and the people go by.

Whichever area of ​​Valencia you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy each of its corners. Even though it is the third largest city in Spain, it is a very convenient place that allows you to move around both on foot and by bicycle. Valencia has 160 kilometers of bike lanes! And if not, you can always choose to move with its public transport, that will take you to any point of the city. 

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