Valencia’s charming spots that you must visit

valencia charming corners

In addition to the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia has many charming corners not so well known and are well worth a visit. The city with more than 300 sunny days a year, the cradle of Mediterranean gastronomy and great illustrious personalities, is a box of surprises even for those of us who live here. Are you thinking of visiting the city? We are sure it won’t be the last time you do. 


There are many reasons to repeat in the capital of Turia, its thousands of years of history and the different leisure options are two of its main tourist attractions. We take a look at some of the most charming corners of Valencia where culture, music, crafts and gastronomy, the essence of Valencians, come together to make you enjoy the city as if you were a local. Shall we start?

Discover the secret corners of Valencia

Valencia is special for many reasons. We already told you why it had been chosen as the best city in the world to live. Its streets are always full of people, its green spaces, entertainment venues and endless restaurants and cafes make it the favorite place to disconnect for many. Some call it a "pocket city" because of its size, where the maximum distance from one place to another does not exceed half an hour. And all this without giving up the advantages offered by a big city. Take note of the most authentic and unknown places, for some, where you will surely fall completely in love with the city.

Stroll along the old Turia riverbed

As we have mentioned, Valencia is full of surprises. The main one of all is the old Turia riverbed  where instead of water, we can now find a garden of more than nine kilometers dedicated to being a green space for sports and culture. Currently, the Turia garden is the lungs of the city and is home to some of the best known places in Valencia such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Palace of Music, Gulliver Park, the favorite attraction for the younger ones, or the Bioparc and Cabecera park, which are located at the other end. The city is divided by the old riverbed and is connected by bridges with great artistic and historical character.

Enjoy the sea and culture in 20th century industrial environment

Where? At the Ice Factory, a very creative space located on the Cabañal beach with a very varied cultural and leisure offer. These are the warehouses of the old factory where the ice was prepared to preserve the fish and which now awaits a vintage and very boho space where you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon having a drink while listening to live music, or let yourself be surprised by plays, exhibitions... A unique place where many artists develop their project or artistic ideas.

Seeing the sunset in a privileged place

Where? At the pier of the Albufera Natural Park. Enjoy the "golden hour" and a warm sunset while you take a boat ride among rice fields and native fauna. Very close we find El Saler beach, one of the favorites of the Valencians and where you can start your day.

Enjoy the Valencian orchard like never before

Where? At Villa Indiano, three innovative proposals convert an old turn-of-the-century villa into a restaurant to taste traditional Valencian cuisine, a cultural garden where you can share tapas and a space to host corporate and social events. All this in an impeccable setting: the Valencian orchard in Burjassot.

Visit the “Little Valencian Venice”

Where? In Port Saplaya, in the municipality of Alboraya. It is a charming coastal residential area. It receives the name of "Little Venice" due to the layout of its canals in this small port surrounded by small colored houses and where the boats beached at street level give it that charm that makes it special. Walking around the area, eating in one of its restaurants or taking pictures are some of the things you can do if you decide to make a romantic getaway to its place.

Gastronomic market with history

Where? In Mercado de la Imprenta. Very close to the North Station and the AVE station we find the building of the old Vila family printing press, now converted into a gastronomic, cultural and social market. It has become the new fashionable place and one of the most attractive corners of Valencia, a jewel yet to be discovered for many due to the fact that it is hidden between houses. This new market is full of stalls where you can enjoy typical portions, local products and other very international dishes such as baos or hamburgers that give a modern touch to this historic corner that has been refurbished for its preservation.

Valencia, a city with a lot of charm

The city of light is much more than what we see in the tourist guides. If you love photography, grab your camera and pay attention to all the charming corners of Valencia. You will discover places like the Plaza Redonda, located in the city center; the narrowest building in Europe located just behind the Church of Santa Catalina; a miniature house for cats in the Carmen neighborhood and much more. Your photos will take the social networks by storm!


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