Museums in Valencia to visit with children

museums in valencia to visit with children

The Science Museum, a pirate ship, the Museum of Prehistory ... If you visit Valencia accompanied by the smallest of the house, we recommend visiting these 5 museums in Valencia.

This is a brainstorming session for you to know which museums you can visit with children in Valencia. The city is 100% family-friendly and the cultural offer is one of the most appreciated tourist attractions.

You will be able to relax for a few days of holidays in your HQ Rooms apartment while your children can enjoy and learn at the same time.

Get to know Valencia's museums for children 

A prehistoric walk, an experience with pirates, fossils and tin soldiers... If you want to know to which museums you can go with children in Valencia to go with children, here you have some keys to discover it. Follow our recommendations and plan some visits to museums!

Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity (MuVIm) 

Walking through the rooms of this innovative museum, which opened its doors at the beginning of the century, will open the minds of the little ones towards an aspect that is key for their development: how to understand the world we live in and place oneself in it.

Undoubtedly, visiting the MuVIm is a fantastic chance to bring them closer to modern history. They will love the great feeling of knowing where we come from and what defines us as a society. Besides, this space also exhibits the historical milestones in which the human being has been wrong. The best is it does so from a constructive and didactic point of view.

Its facilities are equipped with technological gadgets and will leave you all amazed. You will live exciting, sensorial experiences like a real team of explorers. Once you leave the museum, you will dream of changing the world!

The Pirate Ship of the Parque de Cabecera 

Pirate life is the best life! If you're thinking of visiting Valencia's Bioparc, mark this park with an X on your map. It is the perfect place to spend time with your family and enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate. A must for all tourists who visit our city with children.

You will find a charming lake, boats to cross it and mini train tours to inspect the Park. They can also take the helm and play on the swings in one of the most visited children's attractions in Valencia. A pirate ship with slides and many other swings!

They will never forget when they spent an afternoon. Help them find this treasure! A hint: this children's playground in Valencia is located somewhere in the old bed of the Turia River.

Museum of Natural Sciences

Science and history in a unique, prestigious space. It is one of the most acclaimed museums for children in Valencia. You will be able to see very closely these recreations of dinosaurs, instruments of scientific investigation and lots of elements related to the natural world.

In addition, the Museum Natural Sciences offers programmes of participation with staff that bring children closer to science from a didactic perspective. They will learn first-hand all the details of the evolution and biological history of our planet.

Prehistory Museum 

How did our ancestors live? Children love to know the history and evolution of the first hominids in ancestral times. You will all learn together and fall in love with anthropology.

They will never forget visiting the Prehistory Museum in Valencia and it will help them to understand where we come from with a different a point of view. They'll love it! It is important to know the past in order to respect the present and bet on the future, right?

This didactic space also offers tours and workshops for children that will make the most of their visit. We recommend that you gather information of their schedules through their website so that you don't miss it.

L'Iber - Lead Soldier Museum

This gift is very close to the Cathedral of Valencia. It will be easy for you to find it, as this museum is placed inside a magnificent Gothic building known as the Palace of Malferit.

When you come in you will see an intimate and captivating courtyard that opens the way to this magical museum inhabited by lots of miniature tin soldiers. The biggest quantity in the world!

We hope we've helped you plan your next family holidays. If you choose to stay in our hight quality apartments, HQ Rooms wants to help you access easily all the museums in Valencia to go with children, so that your most beloved will want to repeat the experience!

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