Summer cinemas in Valencia? Enjoy a good movie at night and outdoors

summer cinemas in valencia

We want to show you a new way of enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle by taking a walk through the summer cinemas in Valencia this 2019. Would you like to go on a cinema adventure during your holidays?


When the sun goes down, anything is possible. Why not enjoy a movie outdoors? Spending a summer night in front of a giant screen is not a bad idea if you are looking to relax after an intense day of urban tourism. Summer cinemas in Valencia start to fill up when this time of the year arrives and, without exception, they don't stop rolling until September.

If you love cinema and outdoor leisure, keep reading. We want to show you a new way of enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle by taking a walk through the summer cinemas in Valencia this 2019. Would you like to go on a cinema adventure during your holidays?

Summer cinema on the beaches of Valencia

Undoubtedly, summer cinema is a great way to stay by the sea during your holidays in Valencia. Those in charge of tourism in the city organize every year a complete program of projections (for free!) in different coastal towns of the area.

This cultural movement is highly appreciated by locals, but also by tourists who can enjoy these unforgettable evenings, often by chance.

You no longer have an excuse. Don't miss this summer experience, take your towel or beach chair and enjoy a movie under the stars! Visit Valencia's Central Market in the morning and prepare your own picnic basket. It's a nice opportunity to try local and regional products.

Autocine Star for a summer in the purest American style

If you've come to Valencia by car, don't miss the chance to watch a movie in this classic drive-in cinema! The immensity of the sky and the romanticism of watching a film from your car will take you to another level of relaxation.

You can enjoy two movies in a magical atmosphere and share this moment with your travel mates. In or out of the car, bring some chairs and a portable table. Besides, there is a bar in the Star drive-in where you can buy dinner and drinks before, during and between screenings.

Enjoy the summer cinema on the Lumiere terrace

Two movies, popcorn and a cold drink? If you want to spend an afternoon visiting the charming village of Alboraia, end the day having dinner in this outdoor cinema where you can even book a table! We advise you to do so if you are going to be many diners.

The retro character of this cinema attracts the attention of locals and tourists who do not want to miss the film in turn. We recommend you to do so and confirm you have tickets.

Enjoy open air cinema in the Rambleta

A beer, a tasty sandwich and a cinephile atmosphere outdoors, what a plan! Outside the Espai Rambleta there is a giant screen every summer where neighbours and visitors can enjoy movies in the street.

Take a look at the programme of the Rambleta space, a cultural reference of the city that brings avant-garde and different kinds of artistic manifestations since 2012.

Super cinema for free? Come to Benimaclet!

An open-air film (for free!) in one of Valencia's fashionable neighbourhoods? Benimaclet is one of those magical places where everyone wants to live. Cited by the newspaper El País as 'a neighbourhood made of poetry', this district is characterised by its low houses, simple streets and its regular lifestyle.

We invite you to take a 15-minute walk from the centre of Valencia to Benimaclet. When you enter this neighbourhood, which was once a village, you will feel at home. Before going to the cinema in the evening, you can have dinner or tapas in one of its charismatic and affordable gastro bars or restaurants. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the wines and gastronomic proposals of the region.

As you have seen, there are many options to enjoy a film under the sky of Valencia. We offer different ways to make the most of our city when the sun goes down and this proposal of cinematic leisure is one of our favorites.

We hope we helped you plan your next summer movie night in Valencia. The perfect opportunity to enjoy a night outdoors watching a movie. If you want to extend the touristic day before going back to your apartment in HQ Rooms, you already have a plan!

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