Christmas in Valencia 2023

christmas in valencia 2023

If you are looking for a December holiday destination, HQ Rooms apartments invites you to stay with us. Let’s discover some of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy Christmas in Valencia in 2023. Whether you are travelling with your partner, as a family, or with friends, we’ll suggest the perfect route through the Valencian streets.

Beautifully illuminated streets, the aroma of roasting chestnuts and the magical atmosphere of the festive season. Visiting Valencia in December is the ideal option for travellers looking to spend a few days in a friendly, comfortable and cosmopolitan city.

If you only have two or three days, Valencia is the perfect city to plan a getaway for two reasons: its size and its many dining and leisure options which cater to everyone.

Christmas Activities in Valencia in 2023

If you are passionate about travel, there are few things more rewarding than discovering how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The atmosphere of Valencia at this time of year is captivating. The city offers endless possibilities to enjoy unforgettable days flavoured with churros, nougat and chocolate.

Experience the Town Hall Square at Christmastime 

In Valencia, the Christmas period begins with the traditional lighting of the tree in the Town Hall Square. This emblematic place becomes the epicentre of many of the activities scheduled for this period.

The lighting of the Christmas illuminations of the streets of Valencia is one of the most highly-anticipated spectacles of the year. If you are in the city, do not miss it. The lead-up to Christmas begins on November 30.

And what’s more: As the lights turn on and the square is illuminated, a carol recital will accompany those who have gathered the Town Hall Square. If you enjoy Christmas, you will love the experience of hearing carols sung live by an accomplished choir.

Christmas Markets and Fairs in 2023

During the Christmas period, different parts of the city become the scene of Christmas markets and fairs. What better way to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of Valencia than to wander the markets in search of the perfect gifts to make your family and friends happy?

In addition to gifts and souvenirs, you can also buy local Christmas decorations to decorate your home when you return from Valencia. Whether you like nativity scenes or Christmas trees, you will have a great variety to choose from.

Ice Skating: the Classic Christmas Past-time 

If you’re coming to Valencia with children, you can’t miss the opportunity to take them ice skating. There are many skating rinks that will be enabled this year in different parts of the city. A unique opportunity to enjoy with your loved ones and get the blood pumping.

If you stay in one of our HQ Rooms high quality apartments you will have a fully equipped kitchen, however, we also recommend you enjoy a traditional hot dish in one of the local restaurants. And what better time to do it than after a few hours of skating…

Christmas Nativity Exhibition 

From the classic nativity scenes found in institutional spaces to life-sized outdoor nativity scenes, different corners of the city welcome Christmas with a variety of tableaux. The many instances of this traditional Christmas scene provide an unforgettable route of captivating art around Valencia.

An essential visit? Bethlehem of the Rock: the nativity scene with the most figures in Spain. This huge display will leave you amazed by the detail and depth of expression.

Christmas Fair with the Kids 

The Christmas fun fair is a classic in Valencia which has long been a Christmas staple. If you’re travelling with your children we highly recommend you explore the fun fairs set up especially for Christmas. The atmosphere is abuzz with music, decorative lights, the sweet aroma of cotton candy and countless attractions everywhere. You'll love it!

At the Christmas Fair, test your reflexes driving dodgem-cars, gaze down across the city from the huge Ferris Wheel and feast on delicious toffee apples. This magical Christmas Fair is open during December and January.

Christmas lights, colourful markets, skating across the ice... Now you know what to do during Christmas in Valencia. The city is immersed in no end of Christmas cheer which is wonderful for unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones At HQ Rooms, we will ensure that your stay in our apartments is a memorable one.

This year we wish you a Merry Christmas in Valencia in 2023 and a Happy New Year.

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