Valencia Marathons 2019

valencia marathons 2019

Looking for which marathons will take place in Valencia in 2019? We have compiled for you the marathons that await you in Valencia in the coming months. We are waiting for you in Valencia with HQ Rooms!

Each year there are more and more marathon races in Valencia. The weather and geographical conditions of the city have made it the perfect setting to enjoy running. Valencia’s mild temperatures allow for training during any season of the year and the city’s uniform elevation makes your practice more enjoyable. In fact, it is also common to see people exercising, doing sports such as cycling or skating.

Discover the Great Marathons of Valencia 

If you love running and are thinking of making the most of your stay in Valencia, we invite you to warm up your calf muscles and keep reading. Discover in which marathon of Valencia 2019 you’d like to participate and get ready to run.

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The Pas Ras Race at Valencia Port 

If you are in Valencia in mid-December, join this family event on December 15. Both children and adults can enjoy a day dedicated to outdoor sports.

We recommend runner parents who travel with their youngsters to sign up for this race.

Marathon Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP 

Valencia welcomes the month of December with a huge marathon ideal for those looking for a race to test themselves on flat ground. As a backdrop: the City of Arts and Sciences and its fascinating architecture.

In 2018, about 22,000 people signed up for this marathon in Valencia. This sporting event was inaugurated in 1981. Come and be part of its history – the city of Valencia awaits you on December 1.

10K Valencia Trinidad Alfonso

On December 1, the starting gun also sounds for another popular marathon. Also, share your start and finish with the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, the perfect sports environment to motivate you!

On this alternative itinerary, you can participate in this popular race comprising an agreeable 10km circuit. You will cross the city centre and discover Valencia from another point of view. If you are interested, we recommend that you register now as the race is open to just 7000 participants!

The Benefits of Running 

There are multiple benefits of practising sports regularly. If you run, you will know that each workout is another step towards better health. Among the most obvious physical advantages of starting to run:

    • This outdoor sport regulates your blood pressure.

    • You will strengthen your heart by improving its activity also at rest.

    • The rhythm of your breathing will also improve.

    • Your immune system will also be strengthened.

    • More oxygen for your brain.

    • You will keep your cholesterol at bay.

    • You will reduce your fat index and increase your muscles.

In addition, you will reduce your stress levels and, consequently, improve your mood. Running encourages the production of neurotransmitters linked to positive moods.

Why Has Running Become So Popular? 

Running is in fashion and the passion for popular races is booming. It can be practised in both rural and urban settings and depends on oneself. This last point makes it an ideal sports practice for those looking to exercise without having to undergo schedules or go to the gym.

The pace of everyday life leaves little room to take care of oneself and, going for a run, is an activity that can be done at any time. On the other hand, running is a sport that encourages runners to travel and socialize with other runners. It could be said that it is an individual sport that at the same time is collective and communal.

What’s the Best Age to Begin? 

Although children aged 5-10yrs can train in short cycles of maximum 1km distance, it is recommended that kids commence training from ages 10 and up.

On the other hand, it is not recommended that young runners start participating in races of more than 5km until after they’ve turned 16 years old. We recommend running only if you are trained in this activity and your body is prepared for it.

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