Essential Trade Fairs in Valencia for 2020

trade convenions in valencia

What are the must-see trade conventions in Valencia for 2020? Make a note of our recommendations so you don’t miss out.

Discover the many trade fairs and conventions in Valencia that will take place in 2020, read on and discover the most relevant events that will be held in our city.

As a great cosmopolitan city and a hub for business and meetings, Valencia welcomes thousands of visitors every year who come together at trade fairs and conferences. Moreover, its unquestionable tourism appeal makes Valencia one of the most dynamic cities in the Mediterranean.

Valencia Trade Fairs 2020 

If you are visiting Valencia on business, you’ll be keen to know which fairs in Valencia 2020 are the most pertinent to your business and interests. It’s likely that some of them coincide with the dates of your visit to Valencia enabling you to take advantage of the occasion to discover new collaborators or meet the competition. Here are some of the most relevant events.

Babykid Spain 

This is an event dedicated to infant and child related industries that brings together national and international brands in an eco-friendly environment where creativity is a priority. Companies related to childrens wear and childcare among many others, will be present at this fair whose recreational format attracts thousands of visitors.

The Babykid Spain Fair: JAN 24-26, 2020.


Coinciding with Babykid Spain, this exhibition of childrens wear and infant wear opens to the public. The best brands use this space as a showcase to present their upcoming collections. There is no doubt that attending the FIMI in Valencia is the ideal opportunity to establish exclusive commercial relationships and to keep up to date with trends in children's pret-a-porter.

FIMI: JAN 24-26, 2020.


The ceramic fair par excellence. A multitudinous event in which experts, curious people, artists and professionals meet to pay homage to the ceramic art. Nearly 140 countries take part in this reference space.

Visitors can enjoy exhibitions related to the world of bathroom equipment, tile glazes and many other materials related to ceramics. Endless possibilities in a unique fair.

CEVISAMA: FEB 3-7, 2020

Beauty Valencia 

The world of aesthetics, make-up and hairdressing has a place to shine in Valencia. Exhibitors related to these sectors present their new products, services and equipment in an ideal place to echo the latest trends and styling techniques. Beauty will be held at the Feria de Valencia Events Centre (in Pavilion 5).

Beauty Valencia: FEB 15-17, 2020.

FIMMA - Maderalia 

The International Fair of Materials, Technology and Components for Furniture, Interior Design and Contract Projects will be held in Valencia, March 2020. Two key exhibitions will be held at this meeting and both will take place in different pavilions at the Valencia Fair:

1- FIMMA. Focused on everything related to machinery, installation and manufacturing in the sector (Level 2 of the Valencia Trade Fair. Pavilions 1, 2, 3 and 4).

2. Maderalia. In this case, the exhibition focuses on new materials, tools and finishes, among many other aspects of this field. (Level 3 of Feria de Valencia, Halls 1, 2, 3 and 4).

FIMMA – Maderalia: MAR 10-13, 2020.

Secondhand Vehicles Trade Fair 

Without a doubt, one of the most awaited fairs by car enthusiasts. At this meeting, the best car manufacturers present their latest models and, most importantly, their best offers for 2020.

If you are involved in the world of cars or are looking for a second-hand vehicle, you can’t miss this.

Secondhand Vehicles Trade Fair: APR 3-5, 2020.

Habitat Fair Valencia 

One of the most international fairs that Valencia hosts. More than 30,000 visitors related to the world of architecture and design will enjoy one of the most eagerly-awaited events of the year.

Nearly 65,000m2 will become the showcase for more than 500 exhibiting companies related to furniture, outdoor design, relaxation and lighting, among many others.

Habitat Fair: SEP 22-25, 2020.

Products & Services for Events and Celebrations Trade Fair

Another of the big events in Valencia. In November 2020 a very special fair will be held dedicated to the world of weddings and party celebrations. Companies related to catering, fashion, design and floristry will be presenting their products and/or services.

At HQ Rooms we are fans of this particular fair and, if you are planning to organize or celebrate your own wedding soon, we highly recommend it. We host numerous guests for weddings held every year in our magnificent city, we know very well how important it is to take care of every detail.

Products & Services for Events and Celebrations Trade Fair: NOV 6-8, 2020.

These are just some of the many fairs that will take place this year in Valencia. Other prominent events include:

· FIMI: Communion and Occasion Wear Fair

·  Young Living Convention

· Ecofira: International Environment Solutions Trade Fair

· BdB Trade Fair

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