Valencia MotoGP 2019: Everything You Need to Know

valencia moto gp

Keen to enjoy the Valencia MotoGP 2019? We’ve prepared a guide with everything you need to know so you make the most of it and don’t miss any details!

On November 15-17, the city of Valencia will be visited by motorsport fans in search of the adrenaline fix which comes from attending the Valencia MotoGP 2019.

If you’re also coming to enjoy your passion for this two-wheeled sport, on behalf of HQ Rooms apartments, we invite you to continue reading. We’ll give you some hints on how to get the most out of your trip.

Your Guide to Enjoying the Valencia MotoGP 2019 

Another year comes around and the world's most acclaimed riders will meet in what is defined, by many, as the great motorsport celebration. Take note of the following hints to fully enjoy the grand finale of the World Championship at Ricardo Tormo Circuit.

Below, we will tell you where to buy the tickets, details of the activity schedule of the final of the Motorcycle Championship in Cheste and how to get to the circuit. We recommend you conserve your energy for one of the most high-octane weekends you're ever likely to enjoy!

Where to Buy Tickets 

Every year, a multitude of fans, journalists and motorsport experts enjoy what has become one of the most acclaimed sporting events, watched by both national and international audiences.

Many points of sale are set up to cater to the vast number of fans who have come to purchase tickets for the Valencia MotoGP 2019. Follow the links below to buy your personal pass to access the Cheste Circuit and enjoy this show at full speed.

Purchase your ticket by clicking on any of these links:

·        Ricardo Tormo Circuit Official

·        Atrapalo

·        GP Tickets Shop

These are just some of the places where you can buy your tickets for the Valencia MotoGP, but there are many more.  Wherever you buy your ticket for this high-speed championship, make sure it is from an authorized site.

Valencia MotoGP Activity Program 

This adrenaline-fueled weekend, featuring thrilling laps and lots of fun on the circuit, is also accompanied by a variety of activities associated with the Cheste championship. Check them out!

Friday November 15, 2019 

Find out how to enjoy the first day of racing in Cheste:

  • 7:30PM. A group of motorcyclists will meet at the gas station located at the principal entrance to Cheste. This group of fans will form a motorcade to escort championship riders to the center of town.
  • 8:00PM. If you want to experience the pre-championship inauguration like a local, head to La Plaza Doctor Cajal de Cheste where fans will be awaiting the arrival of the motorcyclists. After the reception, there will be a tribute to the Cheste circuit.
  • 8:30PM. The starter’s gun will herald a captivating light and sound show of video-projections on the City Hall. The evening will finish with a magical fireworks display.

Saturday November 16, 2019 

If you can’t miss even the training laps, you can experience them live from a giant screen in La Plaza Doctor Cajal de Cheste.

In addition, today there are two other activities that might be of interest:

  • 8:00PM. A lighting of lights dedicated to the struggle to end domestic abuse. It will take place in La Plaza de la Iglesia de Cheste.
  • 11.00PM. A mobile disco will get the music pumping on Saturday night at the Lidia Highway parking lot.

Sunday November 17, 2019 

The big day! If you don’t have a ticket to enter the circuit, you can also enjoy the races live on a giant screen. This massive event has become as big a social event off the track as it is sports event within the Ricardo Tormo Circuit.

How to Get to the Ricardo Tormo Circuit to Enjoy the Valencia MotoGP 

If you are coming from Valencia, getting to the Cheste circuit is very easy. Take Avenida del Cid in the direction of Madrid and once out of town, it becomes the A-3 Expressway. Approximately 20km later, take Exit 334 and follow the signs to get to the circuit.

Do You Need Accommodation during the Valencia MotoGP? 

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