What to see in Valencia in 3 days?

what to see in valencia in 3 days

Are you going to get away to Valencia and you only have 3 days to see it? We have a mini travel guide for you to visit the most significant districts of the city.

Those of us who live in Valencia know how easy it is to fall in love with her. Her perpetual sun, her people and dynamism make it impossible not to do so. However, there are many guests who come to spend a weekend in the city and do not know where to start.

To make the most of the visit with so few days requires organization. Keep reading and discover what to see in Valencia in 3 days.

Visiting Valencia in three days - it's possible! 

Modernist brushstrokes, contemporary architecture, tapas bars everywhere and endless cultural offerings ... These are some of the characteristics that make Valencia one of the most valued national tourist options.

Visiting its museums, wandering around its charismatic neighborhoods and eating paella in a local restaurant, are other reasons why millions of tourists, national and international, visit us every year.

We have prepared a mini travel guide that will encourage you to visit the most significant enclaves of the city and, most importantly, will tell you how to do it in the right order. Planning your 3-day route through Valencia will not waste time on unnecessary journeys. Let's start the tour!

Day 1. Visit to the historic center of Valencia

Without a doubt, we invite you to start your adventure, breathing the soul of Valencia. Its streets and local intricacies, its smell of sea and citrus, its gastronomy ... To experience the city from within you must start touring its ancient framework from the early hours of the morning. After a good breakfast and a local walk:

- Make a first stop at the Central Market, experience the hustle and bustle of its people! Take the opportunity to buy typical products of the region.

- When leaving the Valencia Market, you will come across La Lonja. Do not hesitate to dedicate some time to this Gothic jewel declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

- Before lunch visit the Cathedral of the city, another must-see district! An interesting fact: this majestic place is home to the Holy Grail.

- Take advantage of fatigue to stop and eat. In the area you will find many places which offer  typical dishes, besdies paella, there is an entire world to discover!

- After enjoying Valencian cuisine, you have two options: rest at your apartment in HQ Rooms or, continue with the tourist route through Valencia. If you opt for the latter, you can’t miss Almoina Square. It is a space in which you can see old medieval foundations which recall a time when it was the place to offer alms ('almoina' in Valencian) to the city’s poor.

- Finish the day by walking through the Barrio del Carmen and enjoying a tapas dinner in the Russafa area. Appealing, right? As you may have noticed, there are many things to see in Valencia in a weekend.

Day 2. Beach and the City of Arts and Sciences 

Our recommendation is that you get up early to greet the day in front of the sea. Start the day with a swim at Malvarrosa Beach or Las Arenas Beach. After a little sun you can return to the hotel, refresh yourself and begin your journey to the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

When you arrive at the imposing complex laid out by Calatrava himself, we suggest you take a stroll - his avant-garde constructions are worthy of close observation! Spend all day enjoying visual shows, science and the marine world. You can access:

- the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía.

- the Prince Felipe Science Museum.

- the Hemisfèric.

- the Oceanogràfic.

Before dinner, you can stretch your legs in the Turia gardens until you reach the city center.

Day 3. Excursion to Albufera and Bioparc

A complete plan enjoying nature? Start the day going to Bioparc: there will be fewer people and you will enjoy the experience with energy. This park has been designed to make visitors enjoy simulated natural habitats which emulate the envirnoment in which animals live in Africa.

Without visual barriers, you will witness how elephants, lions, rhinos and giraffes, among others, live in a space that respects the environment which defines them as species.

The Albufera Natural Park is located less than 10 km from Valencia. You can take a boat ride and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the previous days. This dreamlike natural setting is recognized for its incredible sunsets, can you think of a better way to end your trip to Valencia?

Now that you know what to see in Valencia, you just have to decide where to set up your base camp. We invite you to take a look at our luxury apartments in the city center.

What to see in Valencia