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Do you want to live a wild experience with your family? At BIOPARC you can discover the magnificent landscapes, fauna and flora of the heart of Africa, without leaving Valencia. This natural zoo is unique in that you are completely immersed in the animals' habitat and not the other way round. Bet on it zoo-dip, a more innovative concept than traditional zoos, where respect for animals and care for the environment are promoted.

In BIOPARC Valencia we can find a wide variety of species, many of which are threatened with extinction, coexisting in the more than 100,000 square metres that the park has. This zoo has different habitats, including: the African savannah, the equatorial jungle, the African wetlands and the most protected fauna of the island of Madagascar. Come and discover BIOPARC Valencia and immerse yourself in its wild nature!

Discover all the activities at the BIOPARC Valencia Zoo

During the 365 days a year that the park is open, you can enjoy a very planned and entertaining programme. As well as enjoying the park, you can take part in different activities throughout the day to make the experience more intense. The timetable for each activity may vary according to the season:

  • Say good morning to the animals as they head out to their outdoor enclosures after waking up and feeding.
  • Visit the replica of the island of Madagascar. The absence of barriers allows you to walk through the humid jungle and a riverside forest, while getting to know the island and the six different species of lemurs from the inside.
  • Educational exhibition "The Cycle of Life" of birds and mammals, where we can learn in 20 minutes about the behaviour and different adaptations of animals to hunt or defend themselves.
  • Meet the keepers with hippos, elephants and birds. Through these activities, BIOPARC highlights the importance of environmental enrichment and the essential work of conservation, as well as offering the opportunity to learn more about some of the animal species.
  • Cinema. There is also a room where you can watch the BIOPARC documentary series.
  • Observe the feeding of the different species to learn about their morphological peculiarities in terms of feeding, diet and environmental enrichment.
  • As night falls, you can also see how the animals seek refuge in their indoor enclosures to rest.

What animal species can we find in the different habitats at BIOPARC Valencia?

Immerse yourself in a walk through nature, surrounded by wild animals in their natural habitat, with different environments recreated to show the diversity of each habitat. Enjoy a journey through the vast African savannah, where rhinos, antelopes and giraffes roam under the watchful eye of lions. See elephants play and live in herds among the imposing baobabs and waterfalls.

Learn about gorillas, chimpanzees and leopards in the lush Central African jungle. You can also see hippos underwater in the Kitum Cave, the only one of its kind in Spain, which recreates the African wetlands. Finally, in the replica of the exotic island of Madagascar, you can walk among different species of lemurs.

During your adventure, you will be able to see a large number of African plant species, fully integrated into the landscape and distributed to immerse visitors and animals in the environment. For the most curious, the BIOPARC website provides information on the characteristics, biology, behaviour and curiosities of each animal and plant species. Do not miss it!

Interesting information about the most innovative zoo in Valencia

Before your visit, you will need to know the location, the different ways to get there and the rules to make your adventure a success

How to get to BIOPARC Valencia

BIOPARC Valencia is located in Avenida Pío Baroja, 3, in the Campanar neighbourhood, at the end of the Cabecera Park. There are several ways to get there:

  • On foot. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the gardens of the old bed of the River Turia towards Cabecera Park.
  • By motorway. The main access roads are the A-7, the N-340, the A-3 and the 234. There is a private car park with a maximum charge of 7 euros per day.
  • By public transport. You can take the EMT bus lines 98 and 99, which stop in front of the BIOPARC, or lines 73 and 95, which stop at the Nou d'Octubre bridge. If you take the metro, lines 3, 5 and 9 will take you to the Nou d'Octubre station, which is about 10 minutes' walk away.
  • Cycling. Valencia has a network of cycle paths, particularly along the old bed of the River Turia. BIOPARC Valencia offers bicycle parking and rental services.

Meals are not a problem either. The park has several restaurants to suit all tastes and cafes with areas for rest, shade and views of the park.

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