Natural swimming pools in the Valencian Community

Natural Swimming pools valencia

If anything characterizes the Valencian coastline in summer is its radiant sunshine and the warm breeze that envelops us from the Mediterranean. During this time of year, Valencia shines brighter than ever and the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors are endless. Without a doubt, this is the best time to explore this captivating area.

Summer here is synonymous with long days, golden beaches, refreshing dips and endless leisure plans. However, "la terreta" hides great treasures among its mountains and valleys for those seeking a unique and immersive experience in nature: the spectacular natural pools. These aquatic paradises are authentic jewels that, over the years, have been carved by Mother Nature, offering dream scenarios for those who discover them. Would you like to know the most amazing corners of the Valencian Community? Keep reading! We tell you which are the natural swimming pools of Valencia that you can not miss this summer.

The natural pools to cool off this summer near Valencia

During the well-deserved summer vacations, the beach is the place par excellence to disconnect. But, at the same time, it is also the busiest place on the coast. And what better way to escape the hustle and bustle of the people and the heat than to travel to Valencia and discover the natural pools of its surroundings.


Although we can not promise that there will not be a large concentration of people, most of the natural pools near Valencia have limited capacity and the possibility of booking from the official website of the City Council of each locality. In order to make the most of the tranquility and preserve the natural enclave, many of these places ask for a small access fee for those over five years old. Surrounded by vegetation and surprising cliffs, these refreshing ponds will be your greatest ally during the high temperatures. In addition, they are one of the best plans to do with kids in the Valencian Community. Take note of the natural pools of the Valencian Community that you can not miss:

Lake Playamonte, Navarrés

Lake or beach? For its fine sand and crystal clear water it is often confused with a beach. The interior of the province of Valencia awaits a natural pool, surrounded by pine forests, routes and activities for the whole family to enjoy the tranquility characteristic of mountain landscapes. This natural spot is located in Navarrés and is characterized by the quality of its waters, the well-preserved bathing areas, its facilities with public baths, picnic areas and lifeguard service.

Places of the Río Sellent, Bolbaite

Through Bolbaite, a municipality in the province of Valencia, runs the Sellent River, and in its path it leaves some truly amazing natural pools. The cold waters of the pools are so crystalline that you can see the stalactites inside, almost 15 meters deep. The picture formed by the natural pools is the main attraction of the town. If what you want is a quieter area, we recommend climbing the gorgo Cadena, a 100-meter gorse that leads to a submerged cave. The environment and the bathing area has been considered as a continental beach and has parking and picnic areas, ideal for spending the day with friends, family or children.

The Gorgo of the Stairs, Anna

We continue through the interior of Valencia to talk about another wonderful natural place. The Albufera and the lake of Anna are a must for hot days. What not everyone knows is that this area hides one of the most idyllic natural pools in the Valencian Community. This is the Gorgo de la Escalera de Anna, a bathing area with several natural pools of cold, crystal clear water. To access, you have to go down some stairs with wooden railings, which completes the fascinating experience.

River beach, Bugarra

The Turia river, near its initial stretch, creates a series of truly spectacular natural pools for swimming. The clean and crystalline waters leave a beautiful picture with waterfalls as it passes through the town of Bugarra, ideal for those seeking a natural refuge away from the beaches of the coast. Located in the green lung of the Valencian Community, this natural pool is the perfect option to take refuge from the heat in an incomparable natural environment.

El Pou Clar, Ontinyent

We continue to the south of the interior of the Valencian Community, a little before crossing the province of Alicante, to find the Pou Clar, a unique place that consists of six natural pools that house a great natural and scenic value. Here, the Clariano river is born and its cold and crystalline waters invite anyone who decides to visit it to bathe.

All natural pools at your fingertips

Valencia has leisure and tourism options for all travelers, regardless of the time of year. If you are thinking of coming in summer and are looking for a unique experience, we invite you to visit the wonderful natural pools of the Valencian Community, where you can take refuge from the heat and get to know this region from the inside.

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