Valencia, one of the best cities for working remotely

valencia for working remotely

It may seem strange, but there are people who work while discovering the world, and others who, while doing so, discover a new place to live or spend long periods of time.

A few years ago, only freelance professionals could afford to work remotely, but the expansion of work modalities by companies has created a new movement known as digital nomads. A concept that refers to those workers who move from destination to destination to carry out their work electronically.

If you are one of these nomads who want to take advantage of the freedom that working remotely offers them, we know up close what has been named one of the best cities in the world for working remotely: Valencia. Its proximity to the sea, the gastronomy, its cultural appeal, the climate and above all, the level of happiness of its inhabitants are the reasons why hundreds of remote workers decide to set up their temporary offices in this city. Let’s see all this in detail!

7 reasons why Valencia can be your next office

1. It is one of the main cities in Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, something that is obvious when you arrive to the city: leisure, culture, atmosphere and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

A city that has all the services that other large cities can offer, but without the long distances and crowds that characterize other capitals such as Barcelona or Madrid.

2. Its offer of leisure, culture and gastronomy

Valencia is, no doubts, a cosmopolitan city, which means that here, you will not get bored, you always have something to do!

Valencia has a great offer of leisure and culture with which to spend your free hours after working. You will be able to enjoy the numerous plays in its auditoriums or visit museums such as the Bancaja Foundation or the City of Arts and Sciences.

Concerts at sunset, museums full of Joaquín Sorolla paintings and historic architecture that will make you fall in love with this mediterranean city.

In addition, finishing your work day and being able to taste an authentic paella is something that you can only do in Valencia.

3. Its closeness to nature

Valencia is both sea and mountains, a coastal city where you can walk along the shores of the Mediterranean, but also by the Río Turía gardens, where locals and digital nomads go to play sports, socialize and breathe fresh air.

Are you more of a mountain person? Don't worry, when you turn off your computer screen you can put on your sneakers, and just twenty minutes from the city, you'll find Sierra Calderona, a place to go hiking and enjoy a good Valencian lunch.

And if you are a sunset lover, the Albufera is the best place in Valencia where you can experience a sunset among rice fields. A moment you will remember for a lifetime.

4. The weather

The climate of Valencia is really particular, obviously, in a good way: you can enjoy sunny days with an average temperature of 18ºC throughout the whole year. This is one of the main reasons why many people choose Valencia as a destination to work remotely, the mild climate allows you to enjoy the charm of the city no matter the season.

5. Its prices

Obviously, the price level is a relevant factor when you consider moving to another place, even if it’s temporary. The advantage of Valencia is that, even though it is the third largest city in Spain, it is much cheaper than big capitals like Madrid or Barcelona.

To spend a period of time here, the most inexpensive option is to go for rental apartments for short or medium stays that suit what you are looking for. For example, HQRooms appartments. They are perfectly adapted to the profile of digital nomads: spacious apartments in one of the best neighborhoods in the city and at an affordable price.

6. The connections

Airport, ports, highways, train stations... Valencia is perfectly connected so that you can move freely within the city, through its public transport (buses, metro, tram and more than 160 km of bike lanes) or to move around the rest of the peninsula or the world.

The best thing about working remotely is that you can do it from wherever you want, so if you plan to travel, you won't have any problem from Valencia.

7. The great business network

Valencia has been a home for many great painters, writers and artists, but it is also one of the cities in Spain with the largest business network. As an entrepreneurship spot, some dare to compare it with Silicon Valley. So it is an ideal city for those people who want to continue expanding their network of business contacts.

Participate in entrepreneurs and businessmen meetings (coworking) that are organized in the city: in addition to creating work connections, you will be able to meet many other people who, like you, have chosen Valencia as a city in which to make the most of all the opportunities offered by working remotely.

Those who live in Valencia, either temporarily or permanently, say of this city that it is the “la millor terra del món” which in english means “the best land in the world”. Perhaps for this reason it has been awarded in 2022 as the best city in the world to live in, so it is also the best city to work remotely in. If you want to pack your bags and take your office to Valencia, you can contact HQ Rooms, where you will find the best apartments in one of the most convenient neighborhoods in the city (they even have a coworking space). All designed for you to work comfortably and enjoy the environment.

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