What is coworking and how does it work?

What is coworking and how does it work?

New technologies have led to the emergence of new work models whose purpose is to meet the needs of an increasingly digitized society. These new job profiles come with an innovative initiative such as coworking. Surely we are already very familiar with this term, however, do you know what this space is for or what are its main features? Now, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about a coworking space. Shall we start?

What is a coworking space?

Coworking refers to the workspace shared by individual professionals such as freelancers or startups from different sectors where they carry out their work activity. These people are commonly known as coworkers and they have in common their type of work: total or partial teleworking.


In other words, a coworking space has shared offices where different professionals come together physically or virtually to carry out their daily activities at work. Most of them are specialists who only need a computer, a smartphone and a good Internet connection to develop their projects.


What really identifies a coworking space is the ability to create connections between the different coworkers. And consequently, all the benefits that can be obtained from synergies with experts from different sectors.

What is coworking for?

As we have mentioned before, beyond facilitating work spaces, a coworking is designed for users to establish labor relations in the short, medium or long term, between people from different sectors. For this reason, we can find different coworking rooms designed to promote creativity and, above all, designed to facilitate the coexistence of the different work models. These are flexible spaces where you can develop your work creatively and encourage networking.


Something that cannot be missing in a coworking are the spaces that favor the community of coworkers, such as rest areas or terraces where sharing with professionals from other sectors is easier. On the other hand, it is also very common to find exclusive activities or events where you can spend more time together and establish professional connections.


Characteristics of shared offices

In a coworking it is common to find different rates according to the needs and expectations of the user. However, there are services common to all plans. First of all, it is a workspace equipped and ready so that the coworker only has to worry about bringing his laptop. Other characteristics of coworking rooms are:

  • High speed internet connection

  • Access 24/7

  • Free coffee and water

  • Resting areas

Kkitchen or cafeteria

  • Terraces or green areas

  • Natural light

Advantages of coworking spaces

Currently, new work modalities such as teleworking or hybrid work have achieved a leading role both in the world of entrepreneurship and in small and large companies. Consequently, coworking has become a great driver of these new models, and it offers multiple advantages. Some of these benefits are:

Equipped work space

Coworking offers a prepared workspace so that the coworker does not have to worry about nothing but his laptop. This includes an ergonomic chair, desk, light or plugs, among others. In short, everything that is necessary to start working immediately.

Flexibility in your spaces and schedules

Another advantage of this initiative is that it has different plans, for example, offices for short, medium or long-term uses, meeting rooms, etc. In addition, you can work when it suits you better and you can take advantage of the hours of greatest productivity.

Save costs for your business

Having a coworking workplace is an economic advantage compared to renting an entire office. You get the same benefits at a lower price and avoid taking care of all the paperwork.

Networking that benefits your professional development

By working together with more freelancers, startups and sharing a positive work environment, synergies are created with professionals who bring new skills and specialties to your sector. You can share concerns and projects with them. But that is not all, it is also possible to generate alliances and you may even reach new clients or partners more quickly.

Better reconcile work with personal life

Separating work from personal life is one of the main problems that self-employed workers often encounter. A coworking space provides an innovative work environment ideal for concentrating and not mixing the rest areas of your home with work.

Is coworking the right workspace for you?

For most entrepreneurs, self-employed workers or startups, a coworking membership is much more profitable than renting an entire office. Also, being part of a community of coworkers will help you expand your business.


Therefore, you need to find a shared office that meets all your needs. At HQ Rooms we have a coworking space so that you can work and perform whenever you decide to come. Whether you're a digital nomad or you simply want to enjoy a privileged location in the center of Valencia, we are at your disposal! Contact us and discover the work areas available at our facilities.

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