What to do on a Sunday in Valencia? Activities and plans for everyone

What to do on a Sunday in Valencia

La Terreta, is the birthplace of paella, horchata, rice, gunpowder, and an enviable Mediterranean climate. Yes, we are talking about Valencia, a city that exudes vitality and offers a wide range of activities that attract visitors and locals throughout the week, and Sunday is no exception. It is true that Sunday is traditionally considered the day of rest, although there are those who still have plenty of energy and choose to make the most of it. 

The city of Turia offers different leisure plans for all those looking to squeeze the last day of the week as it deserves. Plans for all tastes, from those who love history, to the most sybarites, to those who are looking to end the week in contact with nature. And in HQ Rooms we have gathered all these options in the same article. Are you ready?

The best plans to spend a Sunday in Valencia

Valencia, the city that perfectly fuses its historical richness with the vitality of its culture, offers a wide variety of plans to enjoy a Sunday to the fullest. Being a metropolis, it has sea and mountains and large green spaces where you can stroll through the city center. Valencia has everything you need to make the last day of the week the best of all. Let's go for it!

A classic in nature: the boat ride on the Albufera

If you are looking for a relaxing plan in a natural enclave for Sunday, you can visit the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia. It is located on the outskirts of the city and its environment is nature in its purest state. Here you will find the best sunsets in the city and you can enjoy a boat ride while you learn about the gastronomic culture of Valencia and its ecosystems.

Discovering the City of Arts and Sciences

Most of the museums in Valencia open their doors on Sundays, and some of them are usually free of charge. Take the opportunity to climb the bell tower of the cathedral: the Miguelete, visit the Torres de Quart, or be surprised by the charm of the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia. In addition, this 2023 has been celebrated as the centenary of the death of the artist Sorolla and the city has been filled with exhibitions. Until February you have the exhibition "Sorolla through Light" at the Bancaja Foundation.

However if what you want is to soak up science and get into one of the most impressive architectural and cultural complexes of the city, we recommend you to visit the City of Arts and Sciences. This plan is ideal for doing it with children and you can choose between the different buildings. The Hemisferic, the Interactive Science Museum, the largest Oceanographic Aquarium in Europe and the Palace of the Arts Reina Sofia, among others.

Culinary experiences

Recently we told you about where to dine in the Ruzafa neighborhood and we saw how the gastronomic options in the city are endless. However, it is true that when you think of Valencia only one dish comes to mind. And there are few things more Valencian than paella. This star dish has become a gastronomic symbol all over the world. Whoever tastes this rice wants to repeat it. But few places use the ingredients and get the flavors of yesteryear. If what you want is to taste the most typical dish of Valencia and end the week in style, take note of our recommendation on where to eat the best paella in Valencia.

Enjoy the Valencian coast

If you feel like ending the week near the sea, we invite you to walk along the promenade and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. For the more daring, the port of the Marina opens many of its terraces on Sundays where you can enjoy good company, the sunset, and the sea. 

To end the day, we suggest you go to one of the most historic neighborhoods of Valencia: the Cabanyal, home of fishermen. Here you will find the new gastronomic market of the city, the Mercader Cabanyal where you can taste different types of cuisine.


A hassle-free Sunday in Valencia with HQ rooms

If you are planning your next Sunday in Valencia, keep in mind that the city offers such a wide range of activities that every weekend can be a new adventure. Every corner of the city has something special to offer, from visiting the center of Valencia and taking a walk through its history or getting to know its different gastronomic spaces. One of our favorites is the Mercado de la Imprenta, located in Arrancapins, just a few steps from our apartments.

To make your experience even more comfortable and pleasant, HQ Rooms apartments are strategically located in the heart of the city, giving you the necessary proximity to all these exciting plans. We look forward to welcoming you and making sure that your Sunday in Valencia is as unforgettable as you deserve, so discover all that this wonderful city has to offer on your next Sunday!

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