The Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Valencia You Can’t Afford to Miss

top 10 tourist attractions in valencia

A coastal city, steeped in orange-blossom and an endless selection of meandering walks.  Valencia is a place of contrasts and Mediterranean soul which, year after year, brings together visitors from all over the world. Renowned for the charisma of its people, its rice dishes, horchata and traditional festivals, the wide variety of tourist attractions in Valencia will make your trip unforgettable. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Main tourist attractions of Valencia you should visit

Whether you are looking for a cultural holiday or you would like just to relax and enjoy the weather and local cuisine, Valencia will be sure to meet your expectations! Discover 10 leisure options in Valencia that you cannot miss. We remind you that Valencia has recently been selected as the best city in the world to live in, something that has led to an increase in tourism in the city. More and more people want to get to know all the charming corners of Valencia. We review its most important and outstanding attractions below:

1.-City of Arts and Sciences

An architectural wonder built to accommodate a set of culturally significant spaces which have already become a symbol of the unique nature of Valencia.

Located withIn this mammoth structure, devised by Santiago Calatrava himself, are The Prince Felipe Science Museum, The Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts, The Hemispheric Theatre and Oceanogràfic Aquarium.

Without a doubt, this cultural complex is a must-see on your trip to Valencia.

2.-Valencia Bioparc (Zoological Centre)

This animal park, managed under the motto ‘move to conserve’, seeks to bring us closer to the animal world from a point of view away from the domination of humans over nature. You can witness how different species coexist in natural and wild ecosystems recreated to match indigenous habitats.

This new concept, known as “immersive zoo”, aims to make us aware that the animal world must be protected. There will be no visual barriers between you and the animals.

3.-Malvarrosa Beach

Perhaps the attraction deserving the greatest acclaim in Valencia is the Mediterranean Coast. Perched on the River Turia, Valencia also faces the sun from, enjoying beaches of fine sand and calm seas.

An essential place for beach-lovers and sun-worshippers. Malvarrosa Beach is very close to the city center, take a dip!

4.-Valencia Cathedral 

Medieval masonry, secret passages and a fascinating amalgam of architectural styles will vie for your attention. The Valencia Cathedral is an enigma replete with history, artistic manifestations and overlapping secrets. Don't miss the opportunity to climb to the top of the tower to appreciate the whole city centre with incredible views.

You can’t miss one of the most significant cathedrals in European history.

5.-Turia Gardens

This place, recognized for being the largest metropolitan garden in Spain, features the Palau de la Música and a multitude of green spaces in which to walk or practice outdoor sports. Families with children can’t miss Gulliver Park. Located in the Turia Gardens, this playground is imagined around the giant figure of Jonathan Swift’s famous creation. Let your kids be Liliputians for a day!

6.-La Albufera

A place of light and water where you will discover one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the area. This locale, visited by wildlife enthusiasts and bird lovers, is another of the jewels of the top tourist attractions in Valencia.

Put on comfortable clothes, inhale the fresh air and explore this captivating wetland.

7.-Serranos Towers

From its 700 year old  battlements, gaze out across the expanse of Valencia as once did the lookouts in ancient times. From these 14th Century martial towers, travelers entering from the Serrania, north of the city, were monitored.

You will love the panoramic views of Valencia from the tower’s summit.

8.-The Silk Exchange

Very close to the Central Market, you will find an enchanting attraction, a medieval market also known as Lonja de los Mercaderes.

An arrestingly beautiful building of Gothic architecture, La Lonja is without a doubt one of the jewels of the city of Valencia.

La Lonja was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, a must-see!

9.-Central Market of Valencia

Valencian flavors, earthy aromas and abundant colours - you will never forget the sensory feast upon entering Valencia’s Central Market for the first time. Hundreds of stalls will vie for your attention and you will not know which one to opt for.

You will also find many gastronomic temptations to pause and nibble before continuing your tourist route through Valencia.

10.-National Museum of Ceramics

If you are a lover of history, archaeology and art, this is undoubtedly one of your mandatory stops. You will be able to closely observe pieces of medieval ceramics and travel back in time via an impressive collection of objects which show that the passage of time, has left a great legacy in its wake.

This museum is housed in the Dos Aguas Palace, in the historic center of Valencia, a journey through time. If you want more, we also recommend a visit to the Church of San Nicolás, which has been very fashionable in recent months.

After your full day of tourist attractions in Valencia, you can return to your apartment in HQ ROOMS and feel at home.

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