Towns near Valencia to spend the day

Towns near Valencia to spend the day

The mixture of Mediterranean charm, its architecture of different styles, its gastronomy and golden sandy beaches, make Valencia a city that attracts visitors from all over the world. But beyond the metropolis, the Valencian Community is home to charming towns with a lot of history that deserves to be explored. 

 The capital of Turia and its surroundings are endless when it comes to organizing weekend or one-day getaways. A few kilometers away by car we can enjoy some of the most beautiful villages near Valencia capital. Whether you identify yourself with a solo traveler profile, as a couple, with family or friends, the places we come to tell you about in this article bring possibilities for all visitors. Join us as you immerse yourself in the rich history, local culture and natural beauty of these towns near Valencia for the day. Take note and prepare for your next adventure!

Discover the most hidden Valencian treasures: villages near Valencia capital

Valencia, a city full of life and charming corners, is also the perfect starting point to explore the history, culture and beauty hidden in its surroundings. A few minutes drive from the capital, towns like Biar, Guadalest, Altea, Bocairent, Fontanars, Xátiva, Millares, Buñol, Chelva, Alpuente, Anna, Morella, Vilafamés, Peñíscola and a huge etcetera, land of vineyards, pools and natural parks, castles and fortresses that have a historical and cultural heritage that has survived over the years.


As in this guide, we could not fit all the villages near Valencia that are worth spending the day with friends, as a couple or with children, we will divide the destinations into two categories. The first is dedicated exclusively to inland towns, and authentic Valencian enclaves and the other is dedicated to the most beautiful villages of Valencia with beaches for a getaway that is not only historical, but also refreshing. Let's start!

Towns in the interior of Valencia for an unforgettable day out

We talk about some of the small charming towns around Valencia capital to spend the day. Take note of all the things to see and do on your next getaway:

  • Bocairent,  located south of the province of Valencia in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Mariola, this small town transports you to medieval times as you walk through its cobbled streets, fountains, chapels and know its old town. Enjoy its municipal Archaeological Museum or the paleontological museum and visit inside the Cava de Sant Blai. This old snow warehouse connects with one of the obligatory stops of the Valencian village: Las Covetes dels Moros, windows excavated in the middle of the rocky wall of the mountain. In addition, just a few minutes by car you can cool off in the Pou Clar (Ontinyent), one of the most beautiful natural pools near Valencia.
  • Chelva, with its medieval charm, invites you to wander through its narrow streets and explore its old town history well preserved in time. Proof of this is its museums, chapels, the viscountal palace, the old wall, its archpriest church and the Civil War shelter. The municipality located in the interior of the province of Valencia, also surprises with its excursions in nature as the Water Route or the Peña Cortada that you can finish at lunchtime and have a picnic in one of its recreational areas. All these plans make Chelva an ideal town near Valencia to spend the day with children.
  • Morella, located in the interior of the province of Castellón, will surprise you with its impressive castle and its views, its towers, its Jewish quarter, the basilica of Santa María la Mayor and its walls that will transport you to past times. In addition, the gastronomic offer is out of this world. Undoubtedly, a perfect destination to spend the day if you are staying in Valencia and you are attracted by history and the rural world.
  • Guadalest, is located in the interior of the province of Alicante and is known for its natural beauty and for being one of the most beautiful villages near Valencia city. The reasons? The stunning location of its castle on top of a cliff offers spectacular panoramic views and photographs that will take social media by storm. Its rich history is revealed in its ancient castle and museums, providing a fascinating insight into the region's past. It is also a perfect destination for families, with kid-friendly activities, such as the Salt and Pepper Shakers Museum and the Museum of Miniatures, guaranteeing fun for all ages.


Take note of the most beautiful towns in Valencia with a beach

  • Altea. Just a short drive from Valencia is this charming coastal spot in the province of Alicante that has a lot to offer its visitors. Cobblestone streets, white houses and a church with an iconic blue dome create a postcard-worthy image. In addition, Altea has beaches with crystal clear waters that are perfect for a relaxing day of sun and sea. Its charming viewpoints and terraces invite us to enjoy outdoor dining and a relaxed atmosphere. Its gastronomic and cultural offer is also another reason why it is one of the most visited towns throughout the year. In this fishing town you will find different leisure options, as well as art galleries, artists' workshops and cultural events.
  • Peñíscola, in the province of Castellón, is undoubtedly one of Valencia's prettiest beach towns and offers compelling reasons to explore it. Its majestic medieval castle towering over the sea, golden sandy beaches and cobblestone streets are just the beginning. This seaside town is as much a paradise for romantic getaways in Valencia as it is for a day out with the kids. It offers an amazing historical and cultural heritage and a breathtaking panoramic view from the top of its castle.


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