What is Bleisure? The new business tourism has arrived in Valencia

what is bleisure in valencia

Traveling for work or leisure - why choose when you can have both in one trip? In a digitized world where the barriers between the professional and the personal are increasingly blurred, a new trend has emerged that unites the best of both worlds: bleisure. If you're a business traveler with an insatiable appetite for new experiences, this is your chance to learn about this new lifestyle and its impact on business tourism.

In this article, we unveil all the details of this innovative trend, explore how it is transforming the way we understand business tourism and guide you to the smartest choice to enjoy it to the fullest in the vibrant city of Valencia: choosing HQ Rooms centrally located and spacious apartments. Get ready to unleash your adventurous spirit as you redefine the way you travel!


What is Bleisure? A new approach to business tourism

To explain the meaning of "bleisure" we must take into account the combination of two English terms. On the one hand there is business and on the other, leisure, and it refers to the practice of combining business travel with leisure and tourism experiences. Instead of limiting themselves to work obligations, business travelers now seek to make the most of their free time in new cities, turning their trips into enriching experiences that blend the professional and the personal.

This is a trend that has been growing in recent years and whose purpose is to extend the stay of the traveler who is in another city for work to also enjoy those days as if it were another trip for tourism. In this way, you can visit the place more quietly, meet with friends or family and live a much more complete experience.

Redefining work and tourism in a connected world

More and more professionals are looking to take advantage of their work models and get to know the world while living unparalleled experiences. We recently talked about the new current work paradigm and how it is giving way to new professional profiles, including digital nomads.  These workers, able to perform their work activity 100% remotely, are redefining the idea of work by being able to carry it out from any corner of the world, they only need an Internet connection and a computer or the chosen work tool. 


Digital nomads have played an important role in shaping the new emerging trend in the world of business tourism: bleisure. These professionals, able to work from anywhere in the world, have influenced the evolution of business travel by combining their remote work with the exploration of new destinations. 


This hybrid approach reflects the very essence of the meaning of bleisure, which seeks to balance work demands with enriching experiences in other parts of the world. As digital nomads continue to redefine the boundaries of how and where we work, the concept of bleisure becomes an exciting opportunity to make the most of both work and leisure time, creating a seamless symbiosis between productivity and enjoyment.

Business tourism in Valencia: a strategic choice

Valencia, the Mediterranean jewel, stands as the perfect setting to embrace business tourism. Its sun-drenched beaches almost 365 days a year, its rich cultural history and its constantly boiling gastronomy make the city of Turia the ideal place to merge your work commitments with unforgettable leisure moments. But what makes Valencia stand out as an epicenter for business travelers? The answer lies in its cultural dynamism and vibrant business environment.


At HQ Rooms, we understand the importance of a conducive environment to maximize your business travel experience in Valencia. Our apartments are not only places to rest, but also spaces designed for efficiency and relaxation. We have coworking and coliving services ideal to become your workspace, with high-speed WiFi connectivity. Strategically located in the city's heart, they give you direct access to the most important shopping areas and cultural and touristic treasures. 


Imagine starting your day with a successful meeting and then exploring all the charming corners of Valencia or watching the sunset at the Albufera pier. All this is possible when you choose our telework apartments in the heart of Valencia as your bleisure spot. At HQ Rooms, we offer you a place to rest and a refuge that allows you to make the most of your time in this charming Mediterranean city.

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