What is a digital nomad? The new work paradigm for travelers

digital nomad

It is increasingly common to hear that a friend, relative or acquaintance has started a new position with a teleworking modality. The truth is that Covid-19 has marked a milestone in the labor paradigm and digital transformation has become a must for many companies.

Remote work is here to stay, and with him,new job opportunities. This context has led to growth of digital nomads profiles. If you are interested in knowing more about this lifestyle, keep reading! 

What is the meaning of digital nomad?

Digital nomads are those people who have 100% remote work and their professional profiles allow them geographical flexibility when it comes to work. We are talking about a lifestyle rather than a new profession. A way to reinvent your professional career and take control of your life by removing social stigmas.

Digital nomadism has meant a change in the labor paradigm. You only need your computer or work devices and a good Internet connection. Working while traveling the world sounds great!

Types of digital nomads

Before, we mentioned that virtual nomads work through the Internet. However, not all follow the same business model. To understand in a better way what digital nomads are, let's see how to classify them based on the services they offer and the compatible professional profiles.  

Freelance digital nomad

freelance or self-employed person is someone who works for a company and sells their services online. Some examples of this type of work are online teachers, copywriters for web pages or Social Networks… 

Entrepreneurial digital nomad

Another ideal work model to become a digital nomad is to start your own online business. We are talking, for example, about dropshipping companies, the sale of infoproducts or marketplaces: work models where purchase procedures can be done online.

Freelance digital nomad

Being a digital nomad and having the security of receiving a salary every month is possible thanks to the new labor paradigm. Many companies work by projects and by the achievement of objectives. This modality allows you to work with a team remotely, so the need to go to an office disappears.

Advantages of this lifestyle

Do you need to regain control of your life? Let's see which are the main advantages of becoming a virtual nomad:

  • Geographical flexibility and schedule freedom. You can work anywhere in the world. As a digital nomad, you can live near the sea for a month and the following days wake up with snowy mountains as a landscape.

  • Work on your creativity and on you. Being a digital nomad allows you to travel and learn about different cultures and work procedures. This will help you broaden your perspective on things and will bring you great benefits, both personally and professionally.

  • More time for yourself. You can decide where to work each day and have more time for yourself.

Coworking, the workspace for digital nomads

digital nomad does not have a specific teleworking location. His office is wherever the Wi-Fi connection reaches and the electricity service is good. The views can be chosen even the day before.


However, the negative part is that there is not always a space that meets all these needs. In addition, unforeseen events or distractions can cause productivity to decrease. Therefore, it is advisable to have a fixed workplace where you can carry out daily tasks.


The favorite options for virtual nomads are usually houses, hostels or the hotels where they stay. As well as cafeterias, libraries and coworking spaces, the perfect alternative to the work office.

Valencia, a trendy destination for digital nomads

According to an InterNations surveyValencia has been considered the best city in the world to live in, as well as the city with the highest quality of life index. Valencia is the most desired option among digital nomads.


The weather, the possibilities of leisure or the facility to conceive personal finances have been some of the factors to acquire this position in the ranking. Would you like to be a digital nomad? Are you still not sure what your next destination will be? Valencia is your place!


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